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Since 2005 we’ve helped thousands of artists who aren’t afraid of being in charge of their own destiny. While staying true to the Hustle & Grind of an independent artist, things can be overwhelming. We know how hard it is to break in the mainstream. That's why we have built a platform to help you get heard by millions of online listeners around the world. is not a local FM station, Our listenership is global, We can put your music in the ears of people who are always looking for the next hit. Grab one of our packages today and one of our representatives will follow up with you and get you in rotation.

The HookUp

Perfect for any budget

Get 20 guaranteed plays per month with the hottest subscription based package online. If you have a new song just upload it each month and replace the current song you have in rotation. As long as you keep your subscription current, we'll keep you in rotation.... indefinitely. 

20 plays per month

monthly song change
twitter notification


Bumpit Or Dumpit

Get your friends to show up

One of our most popular packages. Putting your track front and center challenging your friends to show up, show their support and vote. We will promote you on our twitter daily for one week. You will also need to do some leg work to get your people to come by and vote for you. The concept is simple, get the votes and win 3 plays daily for 30 days as well as a featured interview.

100 votes to win
blog feature
twitter blast 3x daily


The Social Review

Let us help you grow

If you're an artist lacking that social media presence, building that buzz needs to be one of the most important goals of your carrier. We'll set up a unique and effective social media campaign for your next album release. Between our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we can help you build relationships inside an influential social community.

Featured Artist Post
Instagram Post

Twitter Blast 4x daily (1 week)
3 spins daily / 2 weeks


Mass Appeal

When you got something to prove

By far the most cost effective package that will help you get mass appeal. Featuring the best parts of each package rolled into one. Whether you are promoting your EP, mixtape or your latest video mass appeal is what you need to get in front of your target audience.

Featured Artist Post
Custom Instagram Video
Facebook Blast
Twitter Blast 5x Daily (1 week)
10k Dj Email Blast
3 Spins daily /30 Days



The most important thing about being an Independent artist is marketing. There are several elements, that when combined can be very costly to someone starting out. The Blue Print guarantees the same level of marketing you would expect from a major PR firm, but without the high prices. Since 2005 we’ve worked with hundreds of websites, djs, labels and have built a community of bloggers, social media gurus and tastemakers designated to help artists who lack the ability to market themselves independently.

Our in house team will work with you securing interviews, airplay, email blast and a social media strategy getting you on over 30 different blogs as well as major radio play on Swurv. One of our Senior Staff members will work with you exclusively from beginning to end to help get your music in front of the right audience.

Epk Design
Album Cover / Design
Custom Artist Bio
Artist Website
Social media Blast
5 Spins Daily /30 Days 


No matter what your budget isn't., we'll always accept free uploads. However, all free submissions will be reviewed by our interns for radio play consideration. We get thousands of submissions, but unfortunately not everything makes it in. Be patient and keep it locked, You just might hear your track on the air. If you want to bypass the listening process and long wait we encourage you to invest a little to get a little more.

Submit Here

Word On The Streets. 

We've built a solid reputation that embodies trust and respect in the internet radio industry.

“I used to listen to Swurv when it first started. Back then internet radio wasn't a thing. One of the greatest investment was getting on Bumpit Or Dumpit. I had no idea I would get that many votes in 1 day. The Promo Was Worth It.”

“I've tried dozens of other websites offering promotional packages. When I came across Swurv I was skeptical, but after talking to the staff and how they went above and beyond to respond made all the difference in choosing 'The Mass Appeal promo” My expectations have been met. Thanks Guys!

“If there is one thing I can say about Swurv is they're known all over the world. When I did a show in Japan and I was blown away when one of the Djs at the show had on a Swurv Radio T- shirt. He said it's the best source to get American Music. Man -That's Global!.”

Please note we only operate during business hours: Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm pst. If you are contacted on the weekend most likely it is one of our interns following up with your submission.
We reserve the right to reject your submission based on quality and or subject matter that doesn't fit our demographics..